Hawaiian print mini jewelry bag is 9" in diameter. The inside of the jewelry bag has an inner circle made with the same fabric and matched lining. Stitching creates 8 pockets which are about 2" deep and 2" wide. These pockets can hold earrings, rings, pendants and pins. Larger jewelry pieces can be stored in the bottom which is a 2" round of sturdy, stabilized fabric. The mini jewelry bag is machine wash n' dry.

To use your mini jewelry bag, untie the bow at the top, pull the sides apart where the cording exits and open to reveal inside pockets. To close your bag, grab both ends of the cording, pull at the same time until tight, wrap excess cording around the top and tie into a bow.

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Hawaiian print jewelry bags are available in pink, lavender, red, blue, green, teal, aqua, yellow and beige. Prints are Hawaiian patterns and fabrics have poly-cotton content.

Great gift at a fabulous price!

Price: $5.00 each

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